Alishaa Ralsan








5' 7"


113 lbs


Issla, Felinia

Natural Magius


Alishaa Ralsan is the protagonist of the story. Born in the desert trading post of Issla to Joseph Ralsan and Maria Ralsan, and trained to be an assassin by Richard, and the current vessel of Shadoc, the Demon of Darkness.


She tends to keep to herself and rarely speaks unless spoken to. While she is generally calm and pensive, she can be quick to anger, and never lets anyone push her around. Violence feels like second nature to her, and will not hesitate when she feels it to be nessecary.

Few people get close to her, fewer still end up being trusted by her. The select few she feels comfortable around are Lily and Marty.

Since the Invasion of Issla, she has sworn to kill Edmun Abelard, the leader of the Holy Knights of Gloccar. Since then, she has also added Jarl Reincliff to her must kill list, as he is actually actively trying to kill her.



Alishaa was taught to wield dark magius by her master, Richard, but she can also wield fire, water, wind, and earth with skill. As her natural aura is darkness, she is unable to properly channel light magius, thus can not cast light spells. As her demonic powers grow, her skill with wielding the darkness multiplies, soon able to transform her body, kill instantly with clouds of miasma, and even cast Sealed Dark Rites.


Because she was one armed for her formal training, she can only properly wield one handed weapons, with the exception of a scythe. Because Shadoc's favourite weapon is a scythe, he imparted the knowledge of scythe mastery into her mind, letting her wield one effortlessly. Weapons she can wield easily herself are:

  • Dagger
  • Swords (Short, Long, and Dual)
  • Whips and chains
  • Scythe

Her dagger is called Sanguine Reaper, a crimson hilted twin-blade curved dagger with reversible grip, helpful when she can only use one arm. Her scythe (Obtained later on) is Life Dissever

She is also very adept at martial arts and other hand to hand fighting styles, emphasising kicks and grapples, using her agility over raw strength.


  • Her favourite time is bath time