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Tribal Union of Felinia


Great Chieftain Rashaw





The Tribal Union of Felinia is the eastern most land of Magunla, home to the cat-like race of Felinians. A land of sweltering deserts, expansive savannahs, and lush coastal tropics.


Felinia is the 2nd largest region on the pangaea, occupying most of the eastern lands. In west Felinia lies an expansive desert, bordered to the north by Mt. Shadow. The desert is about 40% of Felinian lands, with only a small handful of people living in it, mostly on the western and eastern borders of the desert (And previously, Issla in the southern region).

To the far north and going along the coast to the eastern reaches is a lush and tropical jungle, and the most habitated places in Felinia. The capital city is in this region, near the eastern coast. To the direct east of the desert until the coast is a savannah, where most of the Sandclaw Tribe lives.


Felinian culture is primarily based around the dominant tribe in the area, with a few common points between them. Among Felinians, there are a few social protocols they agree upon, such as strength speaks louder than words, and the other races are welcome so long as they respect Felinian culture. Felinian society is however also sexist. While the union overarches all Felinian tribes, there are two that make up most of the land's population, being the Sandclaw Tribe in the desert and savannah regions, and the Leaffang Tribe in the coastal regions.

Sandclaw TribeEdit

The Sandclaws occupy the desert and savannah regions of Felinia, and generally have light and/or chalky coloured fur. They emphasize the importance of trade and resource gathering, making the Sandclaw regions of Felinia the trade centers, and Sandclaw workers in eastern Felinia a precious resource. They also have strict loyality, and if members break tribal law, punishments are frequently severe, from long imprisonment to exile and even to death.

Leaffang TribeEdit

The Leaffang Tribe controls most of the eastern coast of Felinia, and currently occupies the seat of High Chieftain in the capital city of Rivessiga. They are very honourable tribe, self proclaimed to be the most honourable among Felinia. They tend to be be militaristic, building warriors out of anyone willing and able to hold a blade, however do not actively seek wars. Since the outbreak of the war 8 years ago, Leaffang has done a fairly good job leading Felinia to defend their land from Homolas.

Other more minor tribes include the Suntail Tribe, occupying the northern coast near the Homolas border, and the Wavepaw Tribe on the Felinian peninsula.

Noteable PersonsEdit

Being the most visited region in the story, it's bound to have lots of important characters! Here's a few and their respective tribe affiliations.

  • Alishaa Ralsan (Sandclaw)
  • Master Richard (Sandclaw)
  • Marty the Merchant (Leaffang)
  • Taeus Jorge (Suntail)
  • Jarl Reincliff (Leaffang)
  • High Chieftain Rashaw (Leaffang)