The Sanguine Reaper is Alishaa's dagger, given to her by her master Richard. It is a mysterious curved dagger, with a crimson red hilt with reversible grip, and uncorrodable steel as cold as the void.


Said to be over a thousand years old, it has powers few understand. It has two blades, one primary curved blade, used for slicing and dicing anyone it's wielder sees as a hindrance, and a second, smaller, straight edge on the other end of the curve.

Through his research, Jarl Reincliff discovered that the Sanguine Reaper's primary function is similar to that of a syringe. The wielder channels magius into the weapon, and injects the victim with immense power, primarily used to summon a demon into them. The reverse can also happen, where the wielder absorbs the victim's magius into the blade, almost always resulting in their death, and if they are a host, greatly diminish the possessive demon's power, causing them to return to the spirit realm for centuries to recover.