The Demon of Darkness, Shadoc, is the sentience of all the dark magius in the world. He prefers to manifest himself as a large cloud of darkness with glowing purple eyes, and jet black claws hovering near the cloud. First summoned in 957, he has begun moulding the world from behind the scenes to insure his domination


For the most part, he currently occupies the world through his current vessel, Alishaa Ralsan, thus appears as her. She undergoes minor physical alterations when he becomes the dominant personality, causing her right eye to glow red and right arm's muscle mass to greatly increase. As he continues to reside in her, these alterations become more spread and more demonic when he's in control.

Outside a vessel, he takes on any form he wills, not being content in any single form, appearing as a large dark haze when he can't (or rather is too lazy) to decide on a form.


Being a demon, he is omnipotent in using dark magius, unsurpassed by anything. Likewise, he is completely unable to use anything but darkness. He created most of the Sealed Rites of Darkness hundreds of years ago when his followers were far more vast in number, teaching them to his vessels on a "need to know" basis.

He infuses his favoured battle tactics into his vessels, teaching them unsurpassed technique with dark magius, expert proficency with scythes, and encouraging ruthless, unbridled violence.